The Fault is my own

by Blind7photo

Once a year right around this time Myself and a group of traveling artists from Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvanian, Gather in Ohio to just have a day of art. The group consists of Photographers, Models, designers and HMUAs and a few select Ohio talents join in the fun as well. Almost all of us met at another event held here in Ohio but for personal and professional reasons we no longer attend so we decided since the rest of the traveling crew still goes we would host a day before event so that I could still see everyone and be part of the art. 4 years in a row now we have done this and created some of my favorite pieces and while the group changes a little each year there are always a few familiar faces.

“The Fault is my own”

So this year the awesome Kellie James (model extraordinaire) found us a huge warehouse to set up with this year and we had plenty of places to play in this 80+ thousand sq foot building, from offices to destroyed factory equipment and plenty of open space. we arrived around 9am to the factory took our time setting up waiting on the rest to arrive once everyone was there the fun began


  • Brett from TIDY PHOTOGRAPHY ( )
  • Abe Robinson from Blind 7 photography ( )
  • Scott Detweiler from Scott Detweiler photography ( )
  • Aaron Fisher from Abandoned aperture ( )
  • Matthew Moog independent photographer ( )


  • Kellie James:
  • Twig Noir:
  • Jane Love:
  • Haley Grace:
  • Stefanie Jo:
  • Brian James Dickie:
  • Elizabeth FOX:


  • Rachel Frank:
  • Twig Noir:
  • Horst Couture:


  • Rachel Frank:


  • Michael Gioffre – Blind 7 photography


I think thats everyone if I missed anyone let me know 😀


all in all we were on location for about 8 hours and in that time I created 13 unique looks Here are some fun BTS photos before we get to the good stuff 😀


Now for the Art

All photos by Blind 7 Photography

Credits: Model, Styling, Wardrobe, MUA, and hair – Kellie James

Credits: Model, Styling, Wardrobe, MUA, and hair – Glassfist

Credits: Model, Styling, Wardrobe, MUA, and hair – Twig Noir

Credits: Model – Jane Love – Wardrobe, HMUA, and styling – RFD by Rachel Frank

Credits: Model – Jane Love – HMUA – RFD by Rachel Frank – Dress by – Twig Noir

Credits: Model – Stefanie Jo – Wardrobe, HMUA, and styling – RFD by Rachel Frank

Credits: Model – Elizabeth FOX – Wardrobe and styling – Twig Noir

Credits: Models – Glassfist and Brian James Dickie – *Dickie dressed by Twig Noir * Glassfist by self



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