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From the Medieval Latin word vacantia, dating back to 1570-80 Meaning the state of being Empty or without filling.


Personal work is beyond important for artists, Most of our week is spent on commercial projects, whether its editing, shooting, keeping up with training or social media accounts a working artist never really shuts down clocks out and goes home. Even when we finally do put the camera, computer, or keyboard down and try to relax our mind is still fixated on creating the next image. This is where the importance of personal work comes into play. Its allows us to not worry about impressing the client or remaining super professional we can be free to express ourselves, try new styles, learn and play all at the same time. I try to fit in as many personal projects as I can its kinda like therapy to me (and anyone who knows me knows I need a bunch of that).


Last year I was invited to a art show “THE NEW NOW” and despite a ton of self loathing behavior I managed to create “The HIDDEN ONES” which went on to become a award winning series, This year I was invited back However with life and a July filled with travel I did not end up having the time to create the shoot I wanted for the gallery before the deadline. I had a shoot planned out just needed to find the time to execute it and well it never did come around.


After July’s travels were done and Aug came around I decided the Idea was still relevant and still stuck around amidst the many concepts that come and go in my head so I thought instead of using it as a Gallery entry I would use it as a personal project so I began planning.


The location was loaned to us from a fellow artist who has recently purchased a old AMISH farm in Middlefield with acres of land and the pond needed for the shoot the location provided by Horst Couture was perfect, the only thing was the pond well no one had set foot in it in years so we had no idea how deep it was or what lurked below the murky surface so During the casting of the models for this project I had to find very brave models that could swim and hold there breath underwater for a few seconds at a time for the photos. Now this may sound like a easy task as most people know how to swim, and country swimming holes are still very popular places to cool off on hot summer days, well I found out that is not the case with 45 models asked we ended up with 6 that showed up on the day of the shoot. While discouraging it was to be expected, when you have been doing this as long as I have reliability is sparce when it comes to extras, Everyone wants in till they realize photo shoots actually require work HA.


When we arrived at the shoot I had planned on it taking HOURS upon hours to complete but a surprise happened everyone showed up on time and ready to roll what i thought for sure would take most of the day took less than 4 hours from arrival to tear down it was amazing, Having a great team helping with tent set up and travel out to the field really helped.


As i set up the drone the models worked together to explore the water and then boom! they all just jumped in and got in position, while shooting this with the drone was the plan I new that the only real down fall to the drone is the terrible battery life these average 20 min of flight time and at over $100 per battery I only have two so if my math serves me that’s about 40 min to shoot a variety of group and single shots and grab video for a BTS video, Not a whole lot of time so with my assistants and the models being on top of the game it made it super smooth. So a special thanks to Juliet Blind and Bubba for the assistance, Horst Couture for the location and the DCC for modeling.

Tech Info:


  • DJI Phantom 3
  • Nikon D600
  • Sigma 50mm DG macro 2.8
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy smart phones as monitors (Note 3, 5, and S8+

Edited in ADOBE – Premiere, Lightroom, and PS



You can view the BTS Video here



Here is a selection of the final shots enjoy



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