by Blind7photo

fleshpulling is when a number of hooks are inserted into the skin and connected via (for example) ropes or chains into someone else’s skin


“WESTWICK” is a photo series originally conceptualized by Juliet Blind who is not only our killer SFXMUA and a stunning model she is also an accomplished piercer, and with our combined creativity formed this stunning idea for this shoot, Coupling awesome outfits with a 3 way flesh pull.

Juliet helped me hand pick the accompaniment of models the beautiful miss Elena in lace along with the stunning Alesha Starr and by combining our thoughts we put together the outfits and over all look rather quickly

We decided to give this a Witch feel in honor of the 3×3 rule and ritualistic representations of the flesh pulls

The Morning of the shoot everyone gathered at the studio to begin make up, with gear packed and ready to roll Marlon and Michel loaded the car while Chelsea helped with making sure I stayed organized. once Make up was done I began the Hooking process each and every hook went perfectly.

We then headed over to the location a abandoned factory we frequently shoot at knowing we wont be messed with as this shoot is going to take awhile. After we arrived and got set up the shoot went fairly quickly. had some issues with some gear not wanting to work right and the cross breeze was freezing the models so after we got the first few looks out of the way we decided to retreat to the studios basement to better keep the models warm and comfortable.

There we knocked out a few more looks and while the shoot was going on I thought why not add a 4th look to the series and ended up shooting Chelsea in some make up done by Elena on the fly while its not part of the series its still a fun shoot and has a similar feel so I felt like including it in the blog



Now on to the art!





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